Emilia Rimless Toilet Suite

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  • Available with soft-close quick release toilet seat made of Duroplast (Urea) material, a high performance material with the look and feel of ceramic,resistant to scratches and discoloration.
  • Compact design suitable for installations where space is limited
  • Concealed back entry water inlet included
  • Optional Bottom Inlet available @ $74
  • P trap - 180mm
  • S Trap- 100-160mm set out
  • Optional S trap extension: 160-200 set out @$58 
  • Easy clean design. Nowhere for bacteria to hide
  • Ergonomic Dual Flush Button for precise water efficiency
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Rimless design for hygienic flush efficiency. No Rim, No Blockage, No Hassle!
  • The durable and non-porous surface made of Duroplast is ideal for maintaining hygiene conditions without losing its shine over the years.
  • Controlled water flow eliminates splash back

WELS Registration N.o: L06750

WELS Water Rating: 4 Stars

Full Flush: 4.47L

Half Flush: 3.09L

Average Flush: 3.3L

*All measurements in the specifications are in Millimeters, please allow +- 5mm manufacturing variance on our ceramic products. 


Emilia Rimless Toilet Suite