Size                  700mm       Colour           ...
Features  3 mm thick glass mirror with pencil edge Copper-free to prevent corrosion Soft-close door with reversible design...
The Oval Mirror from our Cody Range is made to fit your design, space and budget. These mirrors...
FEATURES 800mm Diameter copper free Mirror Anti fog 6000K Backlit LED light  Single touch on switch Light emitting...
FEATURES 600mm Diameter copper free Mirror Anti fog 6000K Backlit LED light  Single touch on switch Light emitting...
FEATURES: Mirror Door: 900x450mm Soft Rectangle Shape Cabinet: 680x420 x130mm 2 pac Satin White Polyurethane/MDF Wall Mounted 1...
FEATURES:  Wall Mounted,  Can be recessed into wall 1 Soft closing door ,Adjustable Shelves, Fingerpull Moisture Resistant Plywood 6000K...
FEATURES:  Wall Mounted,  Can be recessed into wall 1 Soft closing door ,Adjustable Shelves, Fingerpull Matte White 2 Pac...
4 doors with mirrors 1500 mm(L)*750 mm(H)*150 mm(W) Soft close door, click on click off hinge Strong and...
  Size: 900 x 600 x 146mmCabinet: 600x450x146mm FEATURES: Configuration: Wall Mounted and can be recessed into walls...
Features: 16mm High Moisture Resistant Plywood Timber look Laminate Finish DTC Soft Closing Hardware Pre-assembled, ready to install...
5mm glass  thickness Size: 700mm x 1000mm polished flat edge Superior copper-free backing paint Easy glue- to-wall DIY...

Buy High-Quality Mirrors and Mirror Cabinets in the Shape You Desire for Bathroom

Mirrors are a bathroom essential and is useful for getting ready in the morning. Moreover, they have the added benefit of making your bathroom look bigger. Bathroom mirror cabinets, on the other hand, are a type of storage cabinet with a mirror installed onto it’s door. They are great because they help organise your space efficiently while also adding style and functionality to your bathroom.

Bayside Bathroom & Kitchen Centre is a locally operated business that offers top-of-the-line mirrors and mirror cabinets in Melbourne. Explore our incredible array of products ranging from classy standard mirrors and LED mirrors to exquisite bathroom wall cabinets with mirrors. They come in different shapes and designs to cater to the varying taste of our diverse customers.

Choose From a Variety of Mirrors to Suit Your Style

Mirror cabinets can add an elegant touch to your bathroom and help you make the most of your space. Some are popular for being bold and ornate while others are sleek. Whatever your preference may be, there is sure to be a mirror to match it at Bayside Bathroom & Kitchen Centre. Here are some of the types of mirrors we offer: 

LED Mirrors:

These mirrors are lit by LEDs that are installed around the mirror. Some popular choices include the Arch 600 LED Mirror as well as the Oval Brushed Gold Frame 450 LED Mirror among many others.  

Mirror Cabinets:

A bathroom vanity mirror cabinet can be used to store toiletries and has a mirror on the cabinet door. This is organise bathroom essentials, makeup, or other personal items efficiently. The Mecca White 600 Mirror Cabinet, the Noah Natural Oak 750mm Shaving Cabinet and the Hazel 900mm Mirror Cabinet are some options you can consider. Browse our website to explore more bathroom mirror cabinets!

Standard Mirrors:

Typically hung on bathroom walls, a standard mirror is popular as it provides an unobstructed reflection. Not only is it easier to clean and install, but there are a variety of styles that you can select from. Hence. They are commonly used for residential and commercial purposes alike. Our 650 Rectangle Mirror with Black Frame as well as Oval 450 x 900 Brushed Gold Framed Mirror are quite popular. We also offer Round 800mm Brushed Gold Framed Mirror and these are just a few of the many designs we have!

The Bathroom Mirror and Cabinet Specialist in Melbourne

At Bayside Bathroom & Kitchen Centre, we offer top quality mirrors. Whether you prefer a rustic look or a modern one, we are there to help you get the mirror you need. Our mirrors are available in various shapes and sizes to suit any room's style, so you are sure to find the perfect one for your bathroom! For more details, please feel free to call us on 03 9587 6169 or email us at


How big should my mirror be?

It is hard to give exact measurements as everyone's bathroom is different. A full length mirror could be a great choice if you wish to get a complete reflection. Be sure to measure the area where you want to hang your mirror to make sure it is of the right size and will fit in with your decor. 

Can I get a custom-sized bathroom mirror cabinet?

Yes, you can get a custom-sized mirror cabinet. This means that the dimensions of your cabinet will be tailored to fit exactly how you want it to look and function.

What kind of frame should I choose?

The frame of your mirror should depend on the interior design of your bathroom. Browse our collection of mirrors to see which one calls out to you.