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Tips and Tricks: How to Create a Functional & Utilitarian Bathroom

Tips and Tricks: How to Create a Functional & Utilitarian Bathroom

A lot of people consider bathroom renovations to increase the aesthetics and functionality of your bathroom. Traditional bathrooms were usually designed for purely utilitarian purposes, but with the advancement of modern times, several facilities are available that can revamp and better your bathroom experience. The best part about these new-age additions are that they are stylish and functional at the same time. They may be small inclusions in your bathroom game, but they add an extra level of comfort and functionality to your space.

Here are some tips that will help you create a functional and utilitarian bathroom:

  1. Vanities with drawers - A bathroom vanity set is a must-have for any home. They add functionality and style to your space. While there are an array of vanity sets available in the market, it is best to go for one that has drawers. This is particularly convenient for kids and aged people, as they will not have to bend down to open cabinets or climb on top to access wall hanging vanity shelves.
  2. Vanities with under-mount basins–When you have a vanity area that harbours an under-mount basin, it makes it easier to clean around the basin and wipe into the bowl rather than around it. Such sinks offer more surface area on the bench-top of the vanity and avoids the stress of cleaning the creases and crevices around a mounted sink.
  3. Mirror cabinet – It goes without saying that a mirror is an absolute necessity in a bathroom. If you can install one with a cabinet attached to it, it serves as a storage space without taking up more room in your bathroom. This section will be of dual purpose and one can store quick essentials such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, shaving cream etc, in it.
  4. Shower rail or shower set – A wall-mounted shower is a normal scene. While it can be installed, a shower rail adds convenience. For those who do not wish to wash their hair every day, it is easier to bathe using a shower set. As the flow and height can be adjusted, it is an ideal pick for children.
  5. Raised height toilet – Having a toilet seat 40-50mm higher than a standard prevents one from being bent or slouched when on the seat. It will offer great respite to people with back and knee aches.
  6. Tornado Flushes – Unlike traditional flushing systems that lets water pour down directly from the rim, a tornado flush is an innovative system that employs three water jets to clean both the rim and the bowl. This has proven to be more effective and hygienic.
  7. Nano Glaze toilets – Nano glaze is the latest advancement in the sanitary-ware realm which is an anti-bacterial technology that prevents dirt, grime, and bacteria from settling on the insides of the toilet bowl. This way, the bowl remains clean, adding to the hygiene factor.
  8. Acrylic splash-backs– Acrylic splash-backs is the latest trend for shower walls. They are quicker and easier to install and do not collect dirt or grime unlike tiles.

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