Ravine 66 x 51 Fine Fireclay Inset Sink

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The Ravine fine fireclay sink collection is the perfect addition to any classic or contemporary styled kitchen, butler’s pantry or laundry. Handcrafted to perfection offering a lifetime warranty with plug & waste and overflow. The tap landing makes it great for laminate benchtops.

Made in Europe, the high quality fireclay and glazing is highly durable. This sink is thermal shock resistant, which means it can withstand fast changes in temperatures such as boiling water, which makes it stand out from other sinks on the market. The sink is highly stain, scratch and chemical resistant, making it more hygienic than most sinks on the market. Adding to the unique beauty of this sink is it's fine fireclay composition, which is a stronger and less brittle product than ceramic, making it highly. With a lifetime warranty, you cannot go wrong with a Turner Hastings sink.


  • Material: Fine Fireclay
  • Finish: Glazed on all four sides
  • Waste Outlet Included: 40x50mm plug and waste with overflow included
  • Mounting options: Inset
  • Tap hole options: One only
  • Capacity: 45L
  • Note: Fine Fireclay is a natural product and therefore subject to variations. This should be seen as a quality that adds to its unique natural beauty. Variations +/- 2% to the specifications are common and acceptable and are within industry tolerance. We always recommend the cabinet maker and stone provider has the actual sink with them to measure before making cabinetry or cutting stone. 
    • Made in Europe
    • Warranty: Lifetime

    Ravine 66 x 51 Fine Fireclay Inset Sink