Trigger sprays are engineered with precision and include quality fittings, providing a product of the highest quality. Suitable...
Venezia Toilet
Back to wall suite Simple easy-clean lines Smart, modern upright styling Inlet: Dual ( bottom or back inlet) Soft...
Tornado Flushing WELS Water Rating: 4 star Full Flush: 4.5L Half Flush: 3L Average Flush: 3.4L WELS Registration...
Dimension: 840(H) x 640(D) x 360(W)(mm) Inlet: Dual bottom or Back inlet Soft closing seat Standard S-trap: 60-160 mm JT43 connector:150-200...
Tessa Toilet
Type: Wall Faced Dimension: 840(H) x 660(D) x 370(W)(mm) Seat: Soft closing seat S-trap: 140-180mm P-Trap: 180mm Roughing-in WELS Water Rating: 4 Star Full...
Cistern: Geberit Rimless design: easy to clean and provides a powerful water flow Raised Height pan (465mm) Inlet: Dual ( bottom...
Cistern: Geberit mechanism Seat: Soft closing Raised Height pan Rimless pan design for a more hygienic flush Dimension: 850(H) x...
Galaxy BTW Toilet
Dimension: 905(H) x 655(D) x 390(W)(mm) S-trap: 60-150 mm JT43 connector:150-240 mm P-Trap: 180 mm WELS Water Rating: 4 Star Full Flush:...
Cistern: Geberit mechanism Seat: Heavy duty seat with soft closing hinges Dimension: 735(H) x 615(D) x 365(W)(mm) S-trap: 110-175mm P-Trap: 180mm Roughing-in...
Caroline Toilet
Mechanism: Geberit Dimension:795(H) x 650(D) x 345(W)(mm) S-trap: 70-220mm P-Trap: 190mm Roughing-in WELS  Water Rating: 4 Star Full FLush:...
Nano- glaze protection Short Projection for small bathrooms Dimension: 840(H) x 635(D) x 360(W)(mm) S-trap: 160-230mm P-Trap: 180mm...
WELS Water Rating: 4 star Full Flush: 4.5L Half Flush: 3.2L Average Flush: 3.4L WELS Registration Number: L05777...
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