LUCCI Bidet Toilet

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WELS Water Rating: 3 star

  • Full Flush: 3.7L
  • Half Flush: 0L
  • Average Flush: 3.7L

WELS Registration Number: L06206

  • The tankless design draws water directly from the mains, therefore bacteria growth is minimised.
  • The ceramic unit is inaudible and energy efficient as it automatically enters sleep mode when not in use.
  • Enjoy clean health and optimal wellness with instant hot water, warm air drying and self-cleaning spray arm that prevents cross-contamination.
  • Feel comfortable knowing that waste is eliminated using a high suction, siphon jet flush, with a rotating water current ensuring all waste is removed every time.
  • Rimless auto flushing system 
  • Functions using electricity
  • Heated seat: 5 level of heat settings
  • Available with or without auto open/ close seat cover and mobil app
  • Size: 650mm x 400mm x 430mm 
  • Water pressure requirement : 0.15-0.75Mpa
  • Universal Water Inlet
  • S-trap: 300mm

*All measurements in the specifications are in Millimeters, please allow +- 5mm manufacturing variance on our ceramic products. 

    LUCCI Bidet Toilet