Shopping for a Wall Vanity Mirror with Lights Online?

You’ve decided to embark on a DIY home renovation. Assuming the smallest room would be the easiest, you’ve started with the bathroom. After countless hours scrolling product reviews for your first fixture -vanity mirrors - online, you’re still unsatisfied. Worse yet, you’ve read enough horror stories about poor quality products and lacklustre service professionals to make you second guess your project altogether. Put your fears and frustration to rest by partnering with Bayside Bathroom & Kitchen Centre. For 20 years we’ve designed, crafted, and installed top-quality fixtures to our customers’ specifications and ultimate satisfaction. We’re committed to approaching each project with a personalised touch that ensures your vision becomes a reality at affordable rates.

Quality and Service from Bayside Bathroom & Kitchen Centre

Vanity mirrors with lights are the latest “big thing” in interior design options. Always looking for a new take on classic fixtures, LED-powered illuminated mirrors for vanities provide a balance of style and functionality. The mirror’s glow adds white light to the mirror’s reflected image – ideal for makeup application. When not in use, the glow adds a stylish pop to the room that rings of elegance and luxury and doubles as a subtle guiding light during the night hours. Whether you’re looking for a wall vanity mirror with lights or not, Bayside Bathroom & Kitchen Centre delivers with top-quality fixtures and exceptionally skilled installation.

We are a locally owned and operated family business with a passion for woodwork and fixture design plus manufacturing. We source all materials from top-quality domestic outlets and manufacture your customised pieces at our warehouse with a quick turn-around. Alternatively, we sell and install premium-quality imports from our catalogue. We don’t fit and move on, instead, we stay with you providing prompt aftercare service where needed by experienced and licenced professionals. We stand by our work with industry-leading warranties and lifetime guarantees on all accessories and fittings. Get the renovation you dreamed of, even that vanity mirror with lights, with peace of mind that your investment will last. We provide personalised and comprehensive bathroom and kitchen renovation support at a price that fits your budget.

View Our Wall Vanity Mirror Selection at Our Warehouse!

Come down to our warehouse in Braeside or call to talk with one of our design professionals. Seeing fixtures in person, rather than relying on digital images, will help you solidify your plans. It’s hard to visualise an isolated vanity mirror from an online store without the rest of the bathroom laid out. Conversely, sample layouts may distract you from your unique vision. Additionally, an in-person visit enhances the probability that you discover something that sparks inspiration and enhances your unique design. You’ll also avoid buyer’s regret and make sure your vanity mirrors with lights truly fit your space and style. We’ll offer advice and pointers on hanging that wall vanity mirror and how best to achieve the rest of your formulated ideas within the allotted space and budget. We’re happy to field all questions from material selection to styling options.