Your Favourite Bathroom Wall Mirror with LED Lights Will Come from Bayside Bathroom & Kitchen Centre

Designing a bathroom is about more than just choosing a tub, tiles, furniture, colour and lighting. Your mirror plays an important part as well. It augments, defines or accentuates all that is already present. It doesn't just reflect light, but your face as well.

Studies show that women spend approximately 55 minutes per day in front of their mirror, while the newest survey reports that men need as many as 56 minutes to take care of their appearance. This does not just involve makeup, but brushing your teeth and doing your hair too. No matter our gender, we want to look tip-top.

Bathroom mirrors come in many shapes and sizes. At Bayside Bathroom & Kitchen Centre, we want to help you make the right choice. Rectangular, square, oval, round, teardrop or other mirrors all have their pros and cons.

Square or Round… Excellent mirror shapes for your bathroom wall

A square-shaped or rectangular mirror will fit well in almost any interior situation. Due to its dimension, it will lend the room a luxurious touch. A square or rectangular mirror frames the face, which works well in a "getting-ready" spot such as your bathroom.

For a classic, retro or rustic style, an oval or round mirror is best. A mirror in this shape creates a cosy atmosphere and may release visual tension in your design, and could even lend it a playful touch.

How much does size matter?

Choosing the right size for your mirror depends mainly on the bathroom's dimensions. Mirrors significantly influence the look and feel of the room. Small mirrors in a large space may not attract enough attention while oversized mirrors in a small area may be too intrusive. A bathroom mirror with lights will enhance or reduce such an effect.

A bathroom mirror with LED lights

Consider that any room needs ambient lighting and accent lighting, but for your mirror lighting is critical. This lighting should be glare-free and strong enough to prevent eyestrain. A bathroom mirror with direct lighting will always ensure that the area where you spend your 55 or 56 minutes for making up, shaving, or otherwise is optimally lit. It will prevent annoying shadows from falling onto your face, ensuring an impeccable result.

Designing the ideal bathroom, including a bathroom wall mirror with lights isn't hard if you consider the elements mentioned above. Nonetheless, you may feel uncertain whether your choice is indeed the best. In that case, depend on the 20 years of experience at Bayside Bathroom & Kitchen Centre. We're just a telephone call or an e-mail away, and happy to provide you with advice.

You are also more than welcome to visit our store which you'll find at 202- 204 Governor Road, Braeside VIC 3195. Every bathroom mirror with LED lights we offer, is on display in our showroom. You can leaf through brochures and booklets with many more pictures to show you how a bathroom mirror with lights affects different interior furnishings. The possibilities are endless.