Remer Ottis 800 LED MIrror

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Round edge mirror with lights. Backlit Otis has a state-of-the-art design. It is the perfect modern accessory for any space. The Demister function defogs the mirror of any steam or mist, giving you the comfort of knowing after a hot shower your mirror will still be crystal clear, saving you time in the morning. The Backlit lights project an aura onto the walls, giving the space that hotel luxury ambiance. Additionally, it has sleek, rounded edging that defies the typical mirror shaping, creating something very spectacular. Practical and elegant, it is hotel luxury made for an everyday home.

Size: 800W x 600H x 50D mm


  • Built in demister pad
  • Touch sensor switch
  • Bluetooth audio

    Remer Ottis 800 LED MIrror