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Features of a Perfect Modern Bathroom

Features of a Perfect Modern Bathroom

A bathroom is one of the most used rooms in a household. Over the years, its existence has been elevated from just its functional nature to a grander space. When homeowners build a new home or renovate their old homes, prefer to add several elements of style and comfort to their modern bathrooms. With improvements, they add both the aesthetic and style quotients to your bathrooms, rendering them a class apart.

Modern bathrooms utilise the available space to the best possible extent and add in more convenience. Here are some of the striking features of a modern bathroom:

  1. Double sinks - When you live as a couple or as a family, one sink alone does not cut it. There are busy mornings when everybody is trying to get ready to work or school and often the solitary sink gets crowded, making it uncomfortable and leaving a mess. Having a double sink just adds to the convenience.
  2. Integrated LED vanity lighting– No matter what your height is, an integrated vanity lighting system ensures that you have ample light when you’re in your bathroom. It removes any hard tones or shadows and leaves you with a comfortable lighting setup.
  3. Touchless faucet with built-in soap dispenser–A touchless faucet not only adds to the convenience, it is also a hygiene feature. You do not have to physically touch the taps and faucets when you have a touchless one. They come with features that enables one to detect the temperature as well. The ones with the built-in soap dispenser is a blessing in the kitchen.
  4. Open shower–Showering is elevated to a grand and relaxing experience with an open shower that gives you the freedom and space you want.
  5. Separate soaking tub–For days, when you need to have a soaking tub with some candles and bath bombs to relax after a long day – a separate soaking tub is the best. They are available as freestanding or sunken variants.
  6. Sauna or steam shower–For those who want to pamper themselves and attain some skin rejuvenation, there is nothing better than a sauna. They are available in compact models, which will fit your bathroom without taking up too much space.
  7. Space-age toilet–Toilets have garnered a new style with heated seats, bidet functions, integrated air dryer, and even atmospheric lighting and a music player. They add class and luxury to your bathrooms.
  8. Separate water closet–For the very hygiene conscious, there is an array of separate water closets that can be personalised.
  9. In-floor radiant heat–Having cold feet,in the literal sense, is not a good thing, especially in the mornings. There are advanced floor heating systems that can be installed either using electric tubes or loops of tubes pumping heated water.
  10. Wall-mounted heated towel rack–This is a must have option across regions. A heated towel rack keeps your towels warm during winters, and crisp and dry during humid or damp seasons
  11. Walk-in closet–Having a walk-in closet near or adjacent to your bathroom helps you in having a seamless morning routine. One can finish their shower, get ready and walk out.
  12. Timber Vanity – A vanity shelf adds to the convenience and storage in your bathroom – no more worries of things scattering around. Timber is the latest trend, which adds a touch of antiquity to your space. Wall hung vanities are stylish and saves space.
  13. Coloured tapware – Ditch the common steel taps and go in for coloured tapware that complements your settings.

Add Style to Your Modern Bathroom

Bayside Bathroom and Kitchen Centre is a leading sanitary ware centre that has its outlets across Beaumaris, Bentleigh, Brighton, Caulfield, and Glen Waverley. We offer 360-degree solutions to all your bathroom and kitchen needs such as basins, vanities, toilet suites, mirrors, showers, bath, tapware, heated towel rails, kitchen sinks, and other accessories. Alongside our extensive range of products, we also offer expert services in bathroom renovation and kitchen renovation.

At Bayside Bathroom and Kitchen Centre, we understand the evolving needs of our customers and stock products that are at par with international standards, in terms of both looks and functionality. Our experts are certified and come with a profound understanding of the requirement of modern homes and hence can offer advice on picking the right product for your homes. We go beyond just being a mere sanitaryware supplier to being a home architect who will curate and customise products and services, based on your requirements. We strive to bring in class, modernity, and style to your home spaces at an affordable cost.

We are widely known for our modern bathroom fittings, which are of exceptional quality and durability. Our personnel will visit your site and complete the fixing of all the amenities at no extra cost. Contact us today at 03 9587 6169 for more information.

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